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 Welcome to the GB3YT website.

This website is the place to find out information on the new GB3YT Yorkshire Amateur TV Repeater on 23cm Digital.


Repeater now due to be operational 8/9th August - See Forum news for latest details


Web information subject to changes until system installed


GB3YT is located in Mirfield West Yorkshire, receiving on 1276Mhz Digital (4Ms/s) and Transmitting on 1316Mhz Digital (4Ms/s). The repeater is still in its infancy, and subject to time, funds and usage will be expanded over the coming months. It is currently owned and run by G8NZR and G8POK - we are not part of or affiliated to any clubs or organisations and voluntarily give up our time and resourses to provide the repeater. If the repeater goes off-air for any reason, time and access for repairs could be limited, so please bear with us under these circumstances.

GB3YT will be a simplex repeater with one input and one output, so its use will be limited (similar to normal voice repeaters) to one station transmitting through the repeater at once. As mentioned above, we may add multiple channels and various enhancements sometime in the future, although our first priority is to get a basic working repeater on-air.

When using the repeater, please allow around 5 seconds at the begining of an over for all the digital circuitry to lock onto your signal. You will know if access has been succesfully made, as you will get an audio and video acknowledgement of a received signal from the repeater when you drop carrier. After 60 seconds, the repeater will switch back over to the outside camera/testcard with ident overlay along with an audio ident every 5 minutes.