GB3YT testcards/audio

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Re: GB3YT testcards/audio

Post by G8NZR » Sun Apr 03, 2016 6:25 am

Hi Gary

The nbox plays most formats (or should do), but the one we use is the normal DVD format (vob) and that works fine as you can see when we have a media file playing.

We have some enhancements to make next week when we visit site for the first time this year (all being well). The repeater itself has not been touched sine November of last year - thats a good five months solid!

Good luck with TT

73 Kay

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Re: GB3YT testcards/audio

Post by GaryM1EGI » Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:52 pm

Well today GB3TT has gone on-air in beacon mode only for now.
Had some last minute rushing around at 11PM Saturday as when tested my PA was very QRP!

So I thought I'd take another look at the original TT PA, and checked things out with the multimeter...
Low and behold open circuit on the BIAS pin to the module, once soldered up the PA started to take current!
After quickly lashing the internals up to the now working PA I had over doubled the output power going by my meter (an old 934MHz unit).

Better late than never TT went on this afternoon, it should have been around 9am but I had to secure the new PA in place and mount/wire in 2 fans.
All part of the fun I guess!
If we get enough interest the next steps and another antenna, pre-amp & filters... then we have got the parts required for a functional repeater!

Thanks for the help with the media player, it seems to be working well.

73's Gary (M1EGI)

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