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Ripped off when buying analogue TX from 13cm

Posted: Sat May 28, 2016 4:06 pm
by G8NZR
Just a note to warn others thinking of buying items from the company called 13cm.

As part of trying to organise the analogue input, I bought an analogue transmitter module from 13cm. It took ages to arrive and when it did, it was a used item with bad soldering and extra holes drilled into the board, very low output and it also looked generally very grubby. :(

I contacted 13cm (Nigel) who seemed initially apologetic and after seeing the photos agreed to replace the TX module. 'Keep the chip and throw the rest away' he told me which I did. Now they refuse to refund or replace and will not communicate with me.

Ahh... you may say. Get a refund from your credit card?.... Not possible since they use PayPal to handle the card payment which negates the section 75 protection you have. Paypal being an intermediary cancels any card protection you have. Surprising what you learn after the effect.

Any one else had any problems with said company I wonder? I even left a review on their website - needless to say, it didn't get published. :roll:

Having searched the internet, it turns out I am not alone with purchase problems. My advice is think carefully before making a purchase from 13cm!


Re: Ripped off when buying analogue TX from 13cm

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:08 am
by G8NZR
I just thought it prudent to put a copy of the email from 13cm here as well. The email was unsigned!; :evil:

----------------------------- Direct copy/paste of email received from 13cm ---------------------------

I just had another look at the pictures on a laptop my phone perhaps didn't show how bad that looks. I think my 10 year old could solder better than that! The cap and Header is melted. This is how it came? As I didn't pack it I am a little concerned. That someones return got swopped. I do know the pic is new as I programmed them for the helper to insert. I will send you another transmitter without the pic if you can swop them over? You can then bin that one or return it and I will dispose of it.



Of course, no replacement was ever received :evil:

Re: Ripped off when buying analogue TX from 13cm

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:05 pm
by M0DTS
Sorry yo hear that Kay,

I have dealt with them in the distant past with similar results but managed to get a refund eventually.
Others have had no problems with them, luck varies unfortunately :-(

G8CKN still has the same units available with improvement mods, see the batc shop.