DATV Setup for GB3YT

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DATV Setup for GB3YT

Post by 2E0CJT » Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:26 pm

Hi All,

For all the people wanting to receive the repeater, can someone please post recommended receivers and a list of settings that you need to changed within the receiver menu to get the repeater.

Also, if people want to contribute to the repeater, how can we do that.



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Re: DATV Setup for GB3YT

Post by G8NZR » Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:51 am

Hi Phil

Sorry for the delay in a response - both Graham and myself work long days/hours and sometimes it takes a while to reply.

It may be an idea to set up a forum topic where people can add sat receivers and how to get to the hidden menu etc - not just for receiving GB3YT, but setting up for any repeater. The info is freely available on the web, so its just a matter of gathering the data for different receivers and bringing it to one place. if you already know how to change the settings, the details needed to receive GB3YT are given on the technical page. You only need to adjust some of the basic settings to get a signal, but some do require taking the LNB offset into account when entering the receive frequency.

As regard any monitary contributions - Thank you - They are always welcome since we have already invested several hundreds into the equipment just to get it working so far (not to mention ongoing costs), and then we have to pay the site owner electric costs, rent etc... We will be putting a paypal donation link on the website very soon.

Hope this covers your points.

73s Kay

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