South Yorkshire Area Activities ATV group

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South Yorkshire Area Activities ATV group

Post by Ken » Thu Jun 04, 2020 7:26 pm

A note to update anyone interested.

Us lot: Have a little ATV Whatsapp group thats been going some time. We can chat online or swap info about when we are In shack/ on air/ portable etc. Even out trying to access GB3YT ( yes, weve done it /M ). Some of us go portable on nearby hills on BATC activity weekends & contests.
We have an activity night weekly where we try to get on air doing TESTS on all modes ** ATV ** . AM, FM Analoge and Digital from 2mtrs up.
Main band being 23cm as all of us have beams on that band.
In the chat group are:
Gary M1EGI ( Barnsley )
Brent G5TV ( Barnsley )
Graham G8VAT ( Eggborugh )
Lewis M6XLG ( Barnsley )
Ken G8VDP ( Barnsley )
Terry G0EZY ( Doncaster )
Dave G4TMZ ( Barnsley )
Ray M0MLJ ( Bolsover )
Most of us are SOUTH of M62 and South of the repeater but Graham is East , Ray is furthest South & Terry is Furthest South East.

WE are looking forward to YT 70cm issue getting fixed ( not yet due to the Virus ) where some of us are ready to have a go at getting in.
Watch the YT News Update to find out if everything is working right on YT.
Theres also GB3EY at South Cave hopefully on full repeat mode soon, and , with effort and good luck GB3TT in sheffield may also get on repeat mode.

Please feel free to join us on 144.750 On a Monday Evening from 7:30pm ish onwards. or just try calling anytime.

want to be added to our activity/chat group ? Contact via callsigns above QTHr or shout in on 144.750.

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