18th July 2020 - New streaming PC

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18th July 2020 - New streaming PC

Post by admin » Sun Jul 19, 2020 11:10 am

As you may be aware, Adobe Flash is being discontinued from the end of the year, and it has been advised due to security issues to change to HTML streaming ASAP. We also had a problem with the exisiting streaming setup, where it would stop streaming fairly often. It was quite inconvenient for myself having to keep resetting the PC to keep the stream available online. No one is sure why this was happening, so it was decided to update the PC/Software, and change to HTML streaming format.

This has advantages and disadvantages. The BIG disadvantage is the latency delay which averages at around 30 seconds - not good if you want a quick check of how your transmission is, or to operate duplex via the web! The main advantages are that the new software re-connects to the server if it gets disconnected, and the picture quality is much better over the stream.

The hardware grabber/encoder is the Osprey 825e (which uses SDI inputs), and the streaming software/studio is OBS. I'm quite impressed with both!

73s Kay

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