2019 General News

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2019 General News

Post by admin » Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:55 pm

Hi all.

Nothing much to report at the moment. 2018 came and went, and here we are into April 2019, which means the on-screen clock is now an hour out :lol:

We have some new secondary pre-amps to install during our spring visit to site. These are better specs and lower noise levels compared to the cheap satellite ones we have on at the moment. We have to be careful with the 23cm analogue amplification since there is some CCTV inteference around the site which occasionally triggers analogue RX. If we give it too much boost, then it will always be tripping the analogue open.

2-metre RB receive is progressing slowly due to personal time available to spend on the project. I have made an upconverter from 146.5MHz to L-band for the receiver (around 2GHz), and the sensitivity of the front end looks very promising at this stage. It will be interesting to see how this performs!

Watch this section for latest news and updates.

73s Kay & Graham

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