27th June 2018 - YT back on today

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27th June 2018 - YT back on today

Post by admin » Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:38 pm

Hello all.

Well YT is back on with the new 437MHz receive, new logic, and a bit of extra gain in the RX leg of each receiver.

Sorry its taken much longer to complete, but with illness, holidays, and getting access to the site, waiting for everything to gel took a while.

So, what have we done, added or changed?.....

* New receiver and IF for receiving 437Mhz 2Ms/s
* New receive antenna for 2m/70cm
* New 23cm analogue receiver
* Added pre-amps to each input directly before each receiver
* New logic with quad screen for using more than one input
* New cabinet to house the receive equipment seperate from the transmitter
* New outside camera to replace the existing faulty one
* Added everything required for 2m RB receive when equipment is ready
* New SMS control unit and fault reporting module
* New 8 channel Kramer switcher
* New homebuilt audio mixer/switcher/level control

What didn't we do, remove or complete?.....

* Removed the mains backup UPS since the battery only lasted 5mins before going flat
* We hoped to have an internet link for streaming direct to site, but not working as yet

We are hoping that adding the receive pre-amps to each receiver does not cause any other problems, but tests looked good. It is easy to remove these and go back to the old receive path if things look any worse or no different. Signal reports compared to previous would be welcomed.

As a final note and coincidence, it is 3years to the day since we got the NOV for GB3YT. Happy anniversary :D

73s, Kay & Graham.

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