20th February 2017 - 70cm input - Updated

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20th February 2017 - 70cm input - Updated

Post by admin » Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:08 am

We are in the testing stages of the new logic system which will incorporate a digital 70cms input on 437MHz. Tests show that all will be okay (famous last words!), and we now need to prepare for quite a large update at the repeater site.

Not only have we to add the new rack, but we also have to bring the exisiting aerial/mast down, and install a 2/70cm antenna for the new receive. We decided to use a 2/70 colinear since the 2m talkback receive can also be improved with a new outside antenna. We will also be adding RF 'line' amplifiers directly on the input of the two 23cm receivers. This may just give us that bit more gain on weaker signals, but the worry is that we may induce more noise into the front end of the receivers which may have the opposite effect! The 70cms input will be vertically polarised which will mean your existing antennas (both mobile and base) will be suitable - mobile ATV!. Sensitivity on 70cm should be in the order of around 1uV.

It may be that YT will be off air for 24hrs while the updates are done - we will put information on here when we are going ahead with the update.

Update -------------------------

It will be the begining of May now when both of us are available. The target is to have the updates done before the next BATC activity weekend. Kay has also been ill with a nasty chest infection and as of 30th April is still coughing and barking. We may now miss our own dealine of the May BATC activity weekend I'm afraid! :cry:

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