Analogue interference from Drone (with updates)

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Analogue interference from Drone (with updates)

Post by admin » Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:41 am

GB3YT has seen some rogue analogue interference from a local drone/quadcopter. This was first observed on Saturday 1st October 2016 when we got quite a clear picture from a drone flying over and around Mirfield. Obviously, this makes GB3YT unusable whilst this is taking place, and we hope that it will be not become a frequent occurrence. Having done some checks, I have found that there are commercially available FPV video transmitters with output frequencies almost the same as many ATV repeater inputs, and this particular one obviously uses one of these units. Output levels are in the order of 800mW.

I have also been told that other analogue input repeaters, also suffer this problem from time to time, and we can only hope that this type of video transmitter will be eventually phased out. I don't think we will get anywhere with OFCOM on this one, since the various web sites say you have to be a 'licensed ham'. Doesn't stop people using them though. :evil:

We will however, try and locate the user (difficult as it may be) and give them some friendly advice!

---------------------------------------------------------- latest update - May 2017

We have had clearer pictures from a drone interfering with GB3YT. If you know anyone with a silver Mk3 Golf that likes flying drones around the Mirfield/Huddersfield area, please ask them to check what frequency they are using! We don't have a registration number (as yet), but the picture was clear enough to show his silver VW Golf! We will keep monitoring ;)

---------------------------------------------------------- Latest update - Dec 2019

Since the above update in 2017 and recent changes to the legal side of drone flying, we recently don't seem to suffer as much with drone interference. Either the user has found these posts, or has got fed up with drone flying.

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