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12th July 2016 - Analogue update

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:33 pm
by admin
We have completed the new logic control PCB and it is currently on test. Once the PCB is boxed, we can then move to get the analogue receive fitted which will be done during this summer/autumn :D . The analogue receive will be the same frequency of 1276MHz and the logic will give priority on a first come first served basis (analogue or digital). Audio intercarrier sound will be 6Mhz. GB3YT output will remain digital on 1316MHz. The receive signal will be spilt through a very low loss splitter, and the result is that we shall loose 3db in the receive path. However, we recently fitted a much higher gain receive pre-amp which even with the 3db loss will exceed the original receive specifications.

Another small update today was with the streaming PC. The operating system has been upgraded to Windows 10.