7th April 2016 - General Maintenance Time!

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7th April 2016 - General Maintenance Time!

Post by admin » Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:30 pm

Today we've been on-site for the first time this year. Plenty has been done today and all should now be 100%.

Todays changes are that we fitted a new text overlay unit for the outside camera. The old one was definately faulty and no longer works at all. We also changed the video switch for a brand new one fresh out of the pack. This will hopefully cure the 'cold' fault where standby video disappears when it gets cold. The problem is that it may not get that cold now (hopefully) till next winter.

We also fitted and tested the 2m talkback unit - This needs some more wiring completing, but is in the repeater cabinet and functional. Currently this is wired so the talkback audio is only transmitted when the 23cm receiver is locked and in use, although we may change this to transmit talkback audio all the time (provided that the CTCSS of 118.8Hz is being received).

We fitted a new 23cm pre-amp which has a slightly higher gain and is also unconditionally stable. The old one seemed to oscillate and cause poor receive from time to time. Hopefully thats now cured that.

Apart from the above, the repeater has behaved very well over the winter months with the last visit being in November last year. It never failed fully, just a few very minor problems which have now been ironed out.

73s Kay & Graham.

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