6th March 2016 - Camera down - Now back!

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6th March 2016 - Camera down - Now back!

Post by admin » Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:21 pm

We still have not been able to get access on site since before Christmas, and we seem to have lost the outside camera during a thunder storm when we had a close strike. We have a few things to complete and hope to visit over Easter when we can also do some equipment updates.

Sine the repeater has been non-stop running since our last visit at the end of November, we are quite pleased that the basic system is still running okay. Several stations have been seen, particularly during the BATC activity weekends.

During the next visit, we are investigating the camera outage, changing the receive pre-amp for a higher gain more stable amplifier (3db extra gain), possible change out of the video switch which seems temperature sensitive, and addition of the 2m talkback unit on 144.750Mhz.

With regard to the 2m talkback unit, we will intially only be receiving on a vertical magmount and see how it performs.

Kay - G8NZR


Updated 31/3/16

The camera decided to start working again - all on its own!! This re-inforces the thought that we have a video switch fault.

However, we are planning a site vist for early next week (first this year) and will change out the video switch and video overlay module, along with a couple of further enhancements.

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