15th January 2016 - Minor fault with standby video

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15th January 2016 - Minor fault with standby video

Post by admin » Fri Jan 15, 2016 8:51 am

Firstly, happy new year from Graham and myself. Thank you to everyone who sent their good wishes and support last year.

This morning, I woke to find we had a 'Blue' standby screen being transmitted on GB3YT, but the audio was still there! On further examination, both the testcard and camera seem to have disappeared although the repeater still seems to be functioning for repeating. The 60 second 'K' screen also seems okay, but the video switcher does not switch to any video when in standby.

Since the system is still transmitting its ID in the data stream, we are still complying with the transmission ID requirements. For this reason, I will leave GB3YT on air until we can get up to investigate what has happened! It's a rather strange fault, but I suspect a fault/problem on the video switcher, since it would be unusual for two independent problems to occur at the same time (although not unknown).

The repeater can still be used as its just the 'Standby' video output thats affected. I will update this post when we have more news.

Kay, G8NZR

UPDATE 15/1: YT standby picture came back on again by itself. We believe there is an intermittent fault with the video switcher. For the moment, we will see how things go. It also looks like the outside camera text generator overlay unit has a problem. This means the camera will also be off until we investigate at the next visit. :evil:

UPDATE 16/1: It looks as though it may be a 'cold' fault as there was no standby picture again early hours of the 16th which was another cold night. Although the temperature in the cabinet is much warmer than outside, I am of the opinion it is a temperature related problem with the video switch.

UPDATE 30/1 : Since the weather has been 'warmer', the standby video hasn't failed so I think the fault is definately temperature related. At the next visit, we will swap the video switch for a new one, but in the meantime leave the existing one connected. If the weather does turn very cold again, expect the standby video to be possibly intermittent.

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