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18th November 2015 - Receive problems today?

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:46 pm
by admin
Since our last receive problem, all has been working very well until today when it took a lot more power for me to access GB3YT.

We don't know what is causing the poor receive, but we plan to visit over the weekend and diagnose why. We do seem to have had a few problems with the receive side and this appears to be another one - the transmit is still working fine.

We will update on here afer our visit to site. Sorry for any inconvenience - we'll leave the transmit on air in the meantime.



It seems to have corrected itself and it is sensitive again - maybe electrical interference causing the problem?! or the rain lol.

We are still going to site over the weekend and check things over after the heavy rain and wind of the last few days. Kay