5th October 2020 - 6cm faulty audio - fixed & others

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5th October 2020 - 6cm faulty audio - fixed & others

Post by admin » Mon Oct 05, 2020 7:00 pm

Well, that didn't last long did it.!!

It would appear we have a fault in the 6cm audio path. The unit on the mast worked fine on the bench for weeks, and now its been installed on the mast the audio has failed. Not exactly what we wanted, so it looks like another site visit to sort out the fault :x

The video still appears to be good and the 23cm audio & standby audio through the repeater is fine.

Weather and access permitting, we will go to site over the weekend and find out why. It will also give us chance to sort out a couple of other minor things like the 23cm analogue RF adaptor which broke last Saturday, and the 6cm access delay module.

More electronics thats fitted - more thats likely to go wrong!

73 Kay

----------- Update -----------------

The audio fault (we think) was a bad phono connection to the audio switch. It is now working.

The 23cm adaptor was replaced on the analogue receiver and that is now working.

The on-screen clock has been corrected, and is currently about 30seconds slow.

73, Kay

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