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3rd October 2020 - 6cm tripping - fixed

Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2020 9:08 am
by admin
We are noticing very regular tripping of the new 6cm input. This is unfortunate as it would appear that various 5GHz WiFi signals in the vicinity are enough to trigger YT. I am looking into adding a small external variable delay to the switching, which will mean that when its added you will need a couple of seconds of carrier to access the 6cm input. This will stop the regular sporadic triggering. The 23cm analogue input also tripped from time to time, but not quite as much as the 6cm. The digital inputs are obviously noise & false triggering immune.

I was up at 3am this morning and had a look at the YT feed. The tripping at this time in the morning was substantially less than through the daytime given that there are probably less users of 5GHz around at that time.

I will update on here when the delay has been added.

73 Kay

************** Update ****************
I've made a video detector with a 2 second delay which is now fitted. Since it was a quick trip of the orginal detector, I've set the delay for around 2 seconds. This is adjustable up to around 8 seconds if needed. Obviously it just means any accessing signal will have to be present for a minimum of 2 seconds. The timer is reset almost immediately your signal drops.