30th Sept 2020 - New 6cm input and change of 70cm RX

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30th Sept 2020 - New 6cm input and change of 70cm RX

Post by admin » Wed Sep 30, 2020 9:36 am

We spent quite a few hours on site yesterday and have done some upgrades and repairs to YT.

Firtly, the 23cm analogue input will be off for a few days since the 'F' adaptor broke on the 70cm receiver :oops: , so we temporarily borrowed the adaptor from the 23cm analogue receiver. It will be replaced in the next few days by a quick visit to site.

Thats the bad news, now the good news.

We changed out the 70cm receiver and upgraded the preamp which seems to have made it more sensitive on receive - always good news. Reports on how this input now performs will be welcome. Just a reminder, the input is 437Mhz, DVB-S 2Mss, FEC 1/2

We have added a 6cm analogue input (5665MHz) and tests from 5 miles away show reasonable results. The receive antenna is vertical & omnidirectional, but very sensitive to reflections. Its not a long distance frequency and we are not saying its going to stay, but it's currently another input to explore for local amatuers. I must admit I'm unsure about its true sensitivity since I don't yet have any test gear working at that frequency.

FPV transmitters on that frequency are very cheap to obtain which is always good news - FPV Channel 33 is usually 5.665Ghz.

73s, Kay

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